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January 28, 2024

The Best Way to Sync OneDrive and Google Drive

Using both Google Drive and OneDrive and want to combine them? See how we combine Google Drive and OneDrive in order see all of your files in one place.

Why should you sync OneDrive and Google Drive?

Google Drive and OneDrive are direct replacements for one another, but in many cases, you may want to use them together.

Let’s compare the two platforms::

  • Price - Both platforms are similarly priced
  • Integrations - Both platforms integrate with their makers’ other services, but Google Drive also integrates with hundreds of third party apps.
  • Storage limitations - OneDrive offers 1TB storage for its $12.50/mo standard business plan while Google Drive offers 2TB for its own $12 plan.

Should you use both OneDrive and Google Drive?

So why would you use both cloud storage platforms if they’re similar?

Here are a few reasons why you’d use both Google Drive and OneDrive:

Save money. Both platforms give you free storage (5GB for OneDrive, 15GB for Google Drive), so you can take advantage of the free space by saving some files in each.

Different use cases. If your company is using Google Workspace then it makes sense to use Google Drive since it’s an included service. The same goes for using OneDrive if your company is already using Microsoft services.

Native file types. You might want to use both platforms if you’re working with their native apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides or Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.This will allow you to open up the native files in their platforms instead of having to convert them (ex: converting all Google Sheets files to Excel files).

The problem with using OneDrive alongside Google Drive

Some people use both platforms, but they’re are issues: 

  1. You may need to convert your Google files to Microsoft files and vice versa.
  2. You need to manage two storage platforms instead of one.
  3. You’ll need to switch back and forth between the two platforms to view and share files.

How to sync Google Drive and OneDrive

There’s no easy way to connect OneDrive with Google Drive that will allow you to see all of your files in one place.

That is unless you want to save a copy of every file in both storage platforms - seems like a pretty horrible idea to me.

The other way is by using Neatly to aggregate all of the files in one place for easy organizing and sharing.

The best way to share files, documents and slides in Google Drive and OneDrive

Neatly is a digital asset manager (DAM) for online files and shareable links. You can integrate OneDrive with Google Drive using Neatly using its native Google Drive integration and ability to store and share links to files from OneDrive.

This option doesn’t require duplicating files and allows you to organize and share both Google Drive and OneDrive files in one place.

How to use Neatly to view all of your Google Drive and OneDrive files in one place

Connecting Neatly with Google Drive only takes a click which happens during the signup process.

Once you sign up, you can start adding (or creating or uploading) Google Drive files and storing shareable links to OneDrive files or sync entire Google Drive folders.

Neatly lets you paste links as well, so you can add links to web pages (like a report in your CRM), shareable links from other platforms like OneDrive, etc.

You can then easily share files with others directly from Neatly - no switching back and forth between OneDrive and Google Drive.

You can also create file hubs (categories) with strong visibility/access permissions for client use or work with vendors or co-workers.

Why you should use Neatly to connect Google Drive and OneDrive

  • Native integration with Google Drive.
  • Save files wherever you want and still view them all in one place.
  • No need to convert native files like Google Sheets to Microsoft Excel and vice versa.
  • You get a cleaner and easier interface to work with that’s designed for how you work.
  • Users see only relevant files using Neatly’s access controls.
  • Users get notifications when new, relevant files are added.
  • The ability to paste links into Neatly makes it cross-platform. You can save files for Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Notion, bookmarks, and more for easier organization and collaboration.
  • Built-in project management tools.

Want to try Neatly? Sign up for free.

Billy Attar
Billy Attar
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