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January 28, 2024

Brandfolder vs. Neatly: Comparing the affordable Brandfolder alternative

In this post, I’m going to personally review the two most interesting digital asset managers (DAM): Brandfolder and Neatly.We’re diving deep into both platforms to compare features and explain which one is the best depending on your needs.

In this post, I’m going to personally review the two most interesting digital asset managers (DAM): Brandfolder and Neatly.

We’re diving deep into both platforms to compare features and explain which one is the best depending on your needs.

Our head-to-head will cover:

  • Cost
  • Storage
  • Integrations
  • Ease of use 
  • Advanced features
  • Collaboration
  • Access control

We’re providing a thorough review so you can decide which DAM is right for you.

Before I get into the review itself, let’s briefly go over each platform.

What is Brandfolder used for?

Brandfolder is an enterprise-level digital asset management platform. It’s geared towards creatives and marketers and large corporations with thousands of assets, mostly images, video and other types of media. As we show below, the feature set and cost is not meant for those looking for a simple DAM.

Why is Neatly the affordable Brandfolder DAM alternative?

Neatly is a digital asset management platform that’s geared towards people who want an easy and affordable way to manage and share their assets (documents, files and media). As a result, Neatly is focused more on ease-of-use, no lock-in (save files in Google Drive but organize them in Neatly) and affordability.

Neatly is the choice for you if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to Brandfolder.

Brandfolder vs Neatly: Feature-By-Feature Comparison

So here’s the side-by-side of Brandfolder vs Neatly. Hopefully this will help you choose which platform is best for you.

Below the chart is the detailed breakdown of both Brandfolder and Neatly’s features.

  Neatly Brandfolder
Pricing Free trial, a few dollars per month $1,600 per month
Storage Google Drive Brandfolder
Integrations Native Google Drive, copy & paste anything online No cloud storage platforms
Easer of use Simple, get started immediately Complicated, months to get started
Extras Project management, file hubs Portals & automation
Collaboration Share files privately & publicly Manage approvals and rights
Permissions Granular Granular


Brandfolder - Like most enterprise DAMs, Brandfolder doesn’t publish pricing on its website - you’ll need to schedule a demo with their sales team for a quote. Software review site, ITQlick, reports that Btandfolder’s pricing starts at $1,600 per month (nearly $20,000 per year!).

Neatly - Neatly is dedicated to being an affordable option for all types of businesses and organizations. Every Neatly account comes with a free trial and only costs a few dollars per month per user after that.


Brandfolder - Brandfolder requires you to store all of your files on their platform. This allows you to take advantage of their features but it also makes switching to another platform very painful.

Neatly - There is no storage lock-in with Neatly. Neatly integrates with Google Drive, so any file you create, upload or paste into Neatly is saved in your Google Drive account, but organized and shared through Neatly.

Ease of use

Brandfolder - Brandfolder is a complicated platform with a steep learning curve. It takes over a month and half to just get started according to their website.

Neatly - Neatly is very simple to use. You can start adding files or entire Google Drive folders with a click of a button.

Advanced features

Brandfolder - Brandfolder has many of the added features that design teams at large corporations require, such as client portals, API access and automation..

Neatly - Neatly focuses more on the features needed for day-to-day work for marketers, sales teams, creatives, agencies and just about anyone else such as project management and control over Google Drive sharing permissions.


Brandfolder - Brandfolder includes task management and approvals.

Neatly - You can either share files with other users in your Neatly account securely behind the login or share a file with a non-user. 

Access & permissions

Brandfolder - Brandfolders permissions include admin, editing and viewing permissions.

Neatly - Neatly incorporates the Google Drive file permissions such as editing or view only. You can also decide which Neatly users in your account can add files and users and who can only view files. Neatly users will only see the files that are relevant to them, cutting down on the clutter.

Product Showdown Conclusion

If simplicity, control and affordability is important to you, you should go with Neatly. Likewise, if there are users in your organization who won’t have the patience to sift through files or play with filters (executives, board members, salespeople, clients, etc.), Neatly is for you.

Want to try Neatly for free? Sign up here.

Billy Attar
Billy Attar
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