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Tips for using Neatly

Create a category for every team in your organization

There’s no reason for your entire organization to see the same dashboard & files.

Create categories for specific teams (marketing, sales, R&D, executive, etc.) and only share with them the categories that are relevant to them.

When they log into Neatly, they’ll have a nice clean dashboard that only displays the file categories they need.

Invite clients to join your account

Want to make your client feel like part of the project?

Invite them to join your Neatly account.Create a category for the client and invite the client to view it. They’ll only be able to see their category & its files and nothing else.

You won’t have to worry about them seeing any other categories, like ones for other clients or your internal company categories.

Please note that all users need to login with a Google account.

Keep track of mentions and PR

Neatly lets you save links to websites as if they were files.

Create a “Press Coverage” section in your “Marketing” category and start saving links to media or even social media (like tweets and mentions) mentioning your brand.

You can even separate them by topic by using File Groups.

Keep the Sales team up to date

Sales reps often don’t know what resources they have at their disposal.

Make your sales manager and marketing manager editors for your “Sales” category to ensure it always has the latest file and documents sales reps need to close their deals.

You can then ask each sales rep to subscribe to the “Sales” category so they’ll notifications every time a new file is added.

Add bookmarks online resources, links, SaaS tools

Neatly’s not just for files!

Add links to web pages, blog posts, social media posts and anything else that has a URL.

You even have three levels of organization: Categories > Sections >  File Groups.

Create an onboarding section

When you have a new hire, you often have a bunch of documents, web pages and blog posts for them to read in order to get onboarded an up to date.

Simply create an onboarding category or section and add all of the relevant files and URLs.

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